Energy Trading Business

LINZ STROM GAS WÄRME GmbH - 100% owned by LINZ AG - is the leading energy service provider in the metropolitan area of the province Upper Austria. Since the early beginning of the power market liberalization in Austria 1999 the company is also active in trading.

The division „Energy Management“ optimizes the power plants, makes the unit commitment and takes the trading of power, natural gas, GoO, carbon and natural gas entry-exit capacities - asset based mainly in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, too - as an internal „market maker“ for the energy generation division and retailing companies in the LINZ AG concern.

As flexibility and volume increase in charge of our developing energy management for our assets power and gas retailing business, central heating & power plants and gas storages - with the possibility to transit from Germany to Austria and vice verca - we continuously seek for established, first-rate energy trading partners and new opportunities.

Here you get the link of our latest trading contact list

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