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Mega-Ticket for students (Semester Ticket) with principal residence in adjacent town

Valid for all public transport in the core zone Linz including the Pöstlingbergbahn

Valid for the period of one semester

  • Winter semester from 1 September until the end of February
  • Summer semester from 1 March until 31 August

The Contract Conditions and Conditions of Use are applicable as well as the Special Terms and Conditions of Use.

Prerequisites and required documents

  • Registered principal residence in a town adjacent to Linz – as long as the closest stop lies directly in the catchment area of the core zone of Linz. Please pay attention to the exact spelling of the street name.
  • Under 26 years of age (Reference dates: 1 March or 1 September)
  • Valid student ID for the respective semester from a study facility in Linz´

Data check: 
It is necessary for students to register in the online shop with their personal details because this data has to be identical to the data in the records of the study facility so that a positive response can occur.

In addition to the favorable price holders of a Semester Ticket have further advantages.

Please read our Fare Regulations and Conditions of Transportation (PDF).

TIP: Recipients of a stipendium can get a travel expenses subsidy when they show the ticket to the Stipendium Authorities at Ferihumerstraße 15, Linz. Ride and Save.

Special discount of 5% for semester ticket products in the winter semester 2019/20, instead 147,- EUR only 139,70 EUR.



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JKU, Kunstuniversität, PH-Linz and PH-OÖ: 8-digit matriculation number without letter - KTU and Bruckneruniversität: complete matriculation number including letters - FH-OÖ and FH-Gesundheitsberufe: 10-digit personal ID
I receive a confirmation e-mail 15 days before Validity end.

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single price:€139.70
Price: €139.70