AST/On-call Shared Taxi

The AST is a service provided by LINZ AG LINIEN and the CC Taxiservice GmbH. A taxi service with a fixed travel schedule that you share with other guests and which brings you quickly and cost-effectively to your desired destination.

Together and faster at the destination
The AST service travels in specific areas of Linz during the day, and within Linz and in the following neighbouring municipalities during the night: Ansfelden, Leonding, Pasching, Traun, Hörsching, Oftering, Kirchberg-Thening, Lichtenberg and Gramastetten.

Your direct connection
Call the Linz telephone number 661266 at least 30 minutes prior to the desired time of departure and come to the DST departure stop agreed upon. And you would be brought comfortably and at a fair price to your destination within the region being served - and, in fact, not with the bus or tram, but by taxi.

Using the daytime AST, you can travel from your departure stop to another AST stop or to any address within the area served by the respective daytime AST.
In the night service of the AST, you may take a taxi from any of the AST departure stops marked in orange with the metropolitan area of Linz from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

Call up the Linz telephone number 661266 as soon as possible, however, latest 30 minutes prior to the desired departure time and furnish the following information:
- AST Departure stop
- Departure time
- Exit stop / address
- Name
- Date
- Number of persons

Arrive punctually to the AST departure stop agreed upon. You can recognise your Dial-a-shared-taxi clearly from the AST label visible. You shall receive your ticket from the driver. As the first passenger, please ensure that the taxi meter is switched on only at the time of departure.

The AST brings you safely and comfortably to the desired exit point, e.g. right up to your doorstep, within the region served by it. When you alight as the last passenger, please acknowledge the amount appearing on the taxi meter on the ticket pad with your signature.

Further information is available at LINZ AG LINIEN-Infocenter
Hauptplatz 34, 4020 Linz
Tel. 0732/3400-7000
Fax 032/3400-7009